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All administrative procedures, legalization of documents, administrative
administrative files, search for local information, etc.
Example: legalise your birth certificate, obtain your criminal record extract
criminal record, etc.

legalization of documents administrative files


search for local information

Preparation of marriage/death certificates

Preparation of passports

Preparation of travel documents with assistance



Extract from the criminal record
Elaboration of a land title
Obtaining a building permit
Legalization of diplomas
Opening a bank account
Other… (All administrative procedures)



Purchase and delivery of medicines, accompaniment of the sick, monitoring,
support for the elderly, etc.
Example: buying and delivering medicines for your sick mother in Cameroon
Example: buying and delivering medicines for your sick mother in Cameroon, acting as a nurse, following up and paying hospital fees with receipts etc.

Purchase and delivery of medicines at home

Transport of patients to hospital

Accompanying and monitoring patients in hospital Transport of patients to hospital

Payment of hospital fees with receipts

Sick watch/guard


Support for the elderly at home or in hospital
Search for medical specialists
Follow-up of appointments for people who are constantly ill
Courtesy visits to the sick (flowers, encouragement etc.)
Search for pharmacies on call
Other services…



Personal shopping, personal services, hand delivery of money or services
services, etc.
Example: providing a distribution of money to different people in the family, paying membership fees in person, buying and delivering a gift for a relative, etc.

Distribution of cash in person

Representation in family events

Personal shopping

Giving gifts in specific settings

Project monitoring


personal services
Follow-up of a construction site
payment of school fees



purchase of goods and hand delivery (household appliances,
simple appliances, etc.)
Example: Give a fan / TV / phone etc. to your uncle back home.
your uncle back home. Purchase the item of your choice and hand-deliver it.

Purchase of goods and hand delivery

Purchase/delivery of equipment

Purchase and delivery of goods of any kind for donation to an orphanage/school/hospital

Purchase and delivery of supplies

Purchase and delivery of fertilizers and agricultural products


Purchase and delivery of household appliances
Purchase and delivery of simple appliances
Purchase and delivery of school supplies
Purchase and delivery of building materials for your construction site
Purchase and delivery of fertilizers and plant protection products.



Event organisation – Surprise birthday party – Funeral –
Office meetings, etc. Supervision, disbursements, logistics, follow-up, etc.

Organisation of professional events

Preparation and organisation Surprise birthday party



Seminar organisation


Office meeting / meeting / lunch
Project inauguration
Christmas/New Year’s celebrations
Easter parties
Family reunions



Hand delivery of money – Payment of salaries to your staff
Checking invoices – Cash receipts and disbursements
on request – All fast financial operations on your behalf.

Hand delivery of the money

Payment of bills

All quick financial transactions on your behalf

Cash receipts and disbursements on request

creation of a bank account or any other intuition


Payment of salaries to your staff
Checking invoices
All quick financial transactions on your behalf









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I was a bit scared when I made my request as everything comes from Cameroon…
I have to say that my experience was excellent: easy to order, availability and professionalism of the customer service by phone, delivery within the time limit. really TOP. I recommend to other kmer in the diaspora.


I see a lot of bad feedback on services related to Cameroon
I used the services of this company this week for the first time after stumbling across the site.
My mum’s care in Cameroon was paid for on time and she has a person who reports to me every day on her condition. I believe that when it goes well it should be said as well.


I have to admit that I entrusted them with my race because it was difficult and I didn’t have anyone in the country who was willing to do it, so I was stuck and at the same time it was a test, because the camerorun is always a little suspicious. But here!… I’m pleasantly surprised. Bravo to the promoter of this idea.


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